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RegistER a death 

When someone dies a death certificate (Medical Certificate of cause of death) (form 11) is issued either by either the deceased’s GP, Hospital Doctor or Procurator Fiscal/ Pathologist. Once you are in possession of this you need to register the death.


Provisional funeral arrangements can be discussed prior to the death certificate being issued, so please contact us at your earliest convenience.


What forms will the registration office require?

Medical Certificate of cause of death (form 11)

Deceased’s birth certificate

Marriage certificate or civil partnership registration certificate (if applicable)

Deceased’s National Health Service medical card


If you don’t have the birth, marriage or medical card, the registrar can still register the death by checking records and asking you some questions.


Tell us once service at the registration office

The Tell us once service at the registration office informs numerous government departments of the death, if you have any of the following documents and they are applicable please take them with you. 

  • Deceased’s National insurance number
  • Deceased’s passport
  • Deceased’s driving licence
  • Deceased’s bus pass
  • Deceased’s blue disabled badge


Who must registER the death?

The nearest next of kin or a family member closest to the nearest next of kin.


How do I register the death?

Once issued, the death certificate will be emailed to the Registrar.

We shall forward the contact details of the person who is going to register the death to the Registrar.

The Registrar will then make contact with that person to discuss the process.

Please note from March 2022 all registrar offices are closed and all death registrations are carried out by telephone call appointments.