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COVID 19 Statement update March 2021



Current health risks and Government guidlelines are effecting the way we provide our services.

All funerals still remain restricted numbers or private with only 20 people allowed to attend.

Please note 20 people is the number of family members that are allowed in the chapel at Borders Crematorium or within a cemetery, numbers exceeding 20 should not gather within Borders crematorium grounds or a cemetery. Clergy, officiants and funeral directors are not counted within the 20.

Face masks have been made compulsory for those attending a funeral service at either the crematorium or cemetery. 

Track and trace;- all names and tel. numbers of those attending funeral services are requested to be recoreded and kept for 21 days​​​​​​

The Singing of hymns are not permitted.

No receptions are allowed to be held after a funeral.

Cortege routes, dates, times and venues of funerals taking place are not permitted to be published in Newspaper announcements or on Social media.

Other matters 

Our limousine has now been fitted with a hygienic screen and can be used on funerals

Restrictions on Ashes interments and Memorial works have been lifted

Arranging a funeral

We would prefer to discuss preliminary arrangements by telephone call and then discuss further matters if we need to meet.

Our office is open  but please make an appointment, the same legislation applies as if you were entering a shop so facemasks should be worn.

We are most willing to collect personal belongings and return ashes to family homes as long as we comply with social distancing.


At Thomas Brown & Sons we are complying with all legislation and helping families through this uncertain time, we remain most  willing to adapt our working practices to accomdate your needs and wishes.


Robbie & Jacqueline Brown

Thomas Brown & Sons Ltd


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